Our Story

Almost a decade ago we had an idea. It was about fast food, namely fast food that not only wouldn’t clog your arteries but would actually do you good. We finally launched this idea in September and we haven’t looked back since. The mainstay of our business is Counter Culture and that takes care of the corporate side of things – feeding the brains of the operations and that is ticking along nicely but our new baby Good to Go is where most of our excitement stems from. We had so much faith in it working that we rebranded the actual restaurant as Good to Go too and to say it has had a new lease of life is an understatement.

We live in an age where almost everyone is time poor and sometimes factoring in cooking a healthy lunch or dinner some days just isn’t going to happen. This is where we step in and take the chore away. You can feed yourself or your family with no hassle/guilt whatsoever as our ingredients are all of the highest quality with no hidden nasties at all.

We recently collaborated with the fabulous Roz Purcell who launched her new book Half Hour Hero in the restaurant incorporating a fundraiser for the Capuchin day centre. We liked her recipes so much that we put a few of them on our menu. We really like Roz’s no nonsense, healthy and achievable approach to cooking and think she’s a great fit with our ethos.

What’s Next?

Well the next big project is ‘Meal Made at Good to Go‘ in collaboration with Roz Purcell and Kilkenny hurlings’ Richie Hogan. This is where you can choose from a selection of over 50 dishes per week which will be delivered to your home or office anywhere in Dublin or Kilkenny. Exciting times for us here!